Aug 26, 2018 From the 20th until the 24th of August Uhasselt and LUCA, School of Arts organised the Participatory Design conference, taking part in Hasselt 


Participatory Methods in AI research--a.k.a. everything you always wanted to ask about using participatory methods in your work--is an interactive workshop. We aim to bring together those interested in, or already using, participatory methods in AI research to share and explore assumptions and experiences in this area, and to collaboratively challenge competing values around using

employees, partners, customers, citizens, end users) in the design process to help ensure the result meets their needs and is usable. Participatory design is an approach which is focused on The seminar Participatory Design as we Age is aimed at experts in the field of co-design and participatory design together with scholars in the socio-gerontechnology network and ageing studies scholars to reflect on key issues of relevance to participatory design in the field of ageing and technology design Due date for position papers: April 12, 2021; Workshop date: TBA; In this workshop, we invite researchers and practitioners as participants in co-designing the protocol for the world’s largest Distributed Participatory Design (DPD) project with children. For the first time in African history, the 13th Participatory Design Conference (PDC) took place in Windhoek on 7 October. The PDC has previously been held mostly in European countries.

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T Binder, G De Michelis, P Ehn, P Linde, G Jacucci. Magnus Eriksson · 2021 | Conference paper 2020 | Conference paper. In‐Action Value Framework: Participatory Design with Values. Eva Eriksson, Daisy  Innovative design environments for nonformal participatory learning 7th International Art of Management and Organization conference "Creativity and Design".

After registration you will receive the link to the virtual conference room and the E-Paper of the presentations. The regualar 3-day fee is 60 Euros.

The 2021 CAAD Futures Conference will be formally hosted by the University of Southern California and will take place between July 16-18 2021, on both the physical and virtual realm. Important Dates Conference dates : 16 – 18 JULY 2021

Themes AEJMC 2021 Conference Paper Call Participatory Journalism Interest Group The Participatory Journalism Interest Group, PJIG, invites research paper submissions for the 2021 AEJMC Conference, August 4-7 in New Orleans, LA. The deadline for paper submissions is April 1, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. (CDT).

Participatory design conference 2021

From Governance to Agonistic Design Things”. In.. In Proceedings of the 13th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Industry Cases, Workshop 

In Proceedings of the second Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction, pp. "Creating synergies between participatory design of e-services and  More and more fashion brands are inviting the customer to participate in the final stage of design, so called participatory design. With online  Embrace change with us during our first virtual global conference, where 30 – Participatory Foresight and Service Design Reaching back to early have the opportunity to celebrate on stage at SDGC2021 in Copenhagen!

Participatory design conference 2021

The PDC has previously been held mostly in European countries. Main PDC '18: Proceedings of the 15th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Situated Actions, Workshops and Tutorial - Volume 2 PDC: Participatory Design PDC 04: Proceedings of the eighth conference on Participatory design: Artful integration: interweaving media, materials and practices - Volume 1 The Participatory Design Conference (PDC) is a conference with a long history in bringing together scholars who present research on the direct involvement of people in design, development, implementation, and appropriation activities of information and communication technologies, spaces, artefacts, and services.
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Participatory design conference 2021

Participatory Design 14 Apr 2021 Can we give educators and students a real voice in shaping Learning Analytics?

How can participatory planning for wind power be conceived and developed? Methods in Wind Energy" at next year's WESC2021 conference in Hanover.
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13:50. UTC. An Action-Oriented AI Policy Toolkit for Technology Audits by Community Advocates and Activists. P M Krafft, Meg Young, Michael Katell, Jennifer E. Lee, Shankar Narayan, Micah Epstein, Dharma Dailey, Bernease Hermann, Aaron Tam, Vivian Guetler, Corinne Bintz, Daniella Raz, Pa Ousman Jobe, Franziska Putz, Brian Robick, Bissan Barghouti.

12:35 – Opening Keynote: Prof. Jacqueline McGlade (Strathmore University, Kenya) Session 1 – Air Quality and Measurement 2018-11-01 · In participatory design conceptions of ‘better future-making’ these practices can be understood as ‘traditional’ participatory design, as irrespective of the user's ability to participate in the design they involve articulations of anticipated ‘use before actual use’ (Björgvinsson, Ehn, & Hillgren, 2012b). The Community Biotechnology Initiative is invited to organize a workshop titled "Community Driven Design of Living Technologies" at the Participatory Design Conference 2018, held in Genk and Hasselt, Belgium. The theme of PDC 2018 is politics and democracy. Gillian Hadfield Reining in the tech: powerful technologies and society in the 21st century May 5, 2021, 10:20 – 11:20 a.m.